Commerce Platform Assessment

Finding the Right Fit for You

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What It Is

Our Commerce Platform Assessment is an evaluation of your commerce platform needs. We will rapidly develop a short list of potential candidates in eCommerce software solutions based on your requirements and unique business needs. Our evaluation of platform fit for your business will be based upon our extensive experience with the integrating and implementing of a large variety of best-in-class commerce technologies.

For companies looking at their commerce platforms and feeling their current solution isn't delivering on critical commerce needs or driving expected results, then this may be the time to assess your platform. Be proactive in self-assessing every two or three years.

What You Get

As part of your Commerce Platform Assessment, you'll receive:

  • Evaluation Project Charter
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Prioritized Evaluation Criteria chart, including Strategic Business Alignment Analysis
  • Data-driven Vendor Evaluation Ranking/Scores
  • Candidate Vendor Implementation, Support and Cost Analysis
That’s one of the values we, as a technology-agnostic partner, can provide our clients. We can evaluate the situation and options and say, “Given where you are and where you want to head, the platform that was great for you yesterday might not be great for you tomorrow.” Mike Rabbior, Chief Strategist, Digital Commerce
Mike Rabbior, Chief Strategist, Digital Commerce

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