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Finding the Right Fit for You

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What It Is

If you feel your current commerce stack is not delivering on critical commerce needs or driving expected results, it may be time to reassess your technologies. The Commerce Platform Assessment℠ is an evaluation of your commerce platform needs based on our extensive experience integrating and implementing a large variety of best-in-class commerce technologies.

A Commerce Platform Assessment will help you:

  • Develop clear platform requirements and prioritized assessment criteria based on your unique needs and goals
  • Learn about the leading commerce platforms from seasoned practitioners committed to helping you find the right fit for your business
  • See how the platform(s) fit your unique requirements
  • Learn about the effort required to adopt each platform
  • Receive a final shortlist of qualified candidate platforms to choose from

Your Digital Experience Is Crucial

57% of organizations cite “delivering the desired customer experience” as a critical challenge faced in eCommerce endeavors.
60% of millennial B2B buyers say they are likely to switch brands if their vendor doesn’t offer an easy-to-use mobile experience.
48% of consumers spend more when the experience is personalized.
That’s one of the values we, as a technology-agnostic partner, can provide our clients. We can evaluate the situation and options and say, “Given where you are and where you want to head, the platform that was great for you yesterday might not be great for you tomorrow.” Mike Rabbior, Chief Strategist, Digital Commerce
Mike Rabbior, Chief Strategist, Digital Commerce

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