Technology & Platforms

Crafting Useful Experiences

It’s not enough to build a website anymore. Users expect the same experience across devices, regardless of platform. Developing in a multi-device world means understanding an entire technology suite, not just one or two separate components. Whether you need customization, personalization, eCommerce integration, cross-platform support, content management solutions, or any other integration, we can provide cutting-edge technical expertise to make sure your solution is built the right way.

  • Technology Strategy
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • eCommerce Platform Integration
  • Third Party Integration
  • Analytics
  • Custom Application Development
  • Performance/Security Optimization
  • Code Review & Audit
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Post-Launch Support and Enhancements
Case Study


Britannia wanted a clickable prototype of their new product (a web-based tool to monitor and adjust in-home, connected appliances like locks, thermostats, and lights) so that they could demonstrate to their customers what would be coming in the future when they had the resources to do it for real. Instead of a simple “scripted wireframe” or some other such deliverable created in Axure or similar, we opted to build out a full HTML site that would mirror and mimic the design and functionality of the actual product as best we could, including making live AJAX calls to their demo appliances. This allowed the client to bring their customers into a connected home, pull up the prototype on their phone and give a live demonstration of a working product. They could change the temperature in the house, lock and unlock the doors, and even turn a few lights on and off. It blew away the customers and the clients.