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What If we could help a leading services provider improve its member acquisition and retention with a more strategic approach to CX?

Our client has provided various services, including auto and life insurance, roadside assistance, banking, and travel services, to members around the US for decades. These services bring a variety of competition for customer engagement, such as automotive manufacturers, insurance providers, travel websites, banking institutions, and other industry disruptors.

The company needed to modernize its customer experience strategy, improve communication between itself and customers, and bring its digital offerings up to date in order to cross- and upsell its various services and improve customer acquisition and retention.

Making the claims process as painless as possible

One of the client’s objectives was to improve customer communication channels. As we worked to rebuild and enhance the mobile app, we wanted to make an often-stressful transaction, filing an insurance claim, easier for members.

We accomplished this by adding new first notice of loss (FNOL) reporting functionality to the mobile app. Instead of calling the 800 number on the back of their insurance card, members can now submit information about incidents right from their smartphones and receive confirmation via the app that their claim is being processed.

The new mobile experience, including the updated FNOL functionality, has received positive feedback from members. With the new Ionic structure and streamlined dashboard in place, our client can continue to build on its mobile experience and make it easy for customers to learn about and take advantage of its many services.

Putting artificial intelligence to work

Another way our client wanted to improve the customer experience was to incorporate conversational artificial intelligence (AI) – such as automated messaging apps, speech-based assistants, and chatbots – into its processes. However, the leadership team had some questions: What technology should they implement, and how should they use it? What applications of AI make the most sense for their business? With so many options to choose from and factors to consider, the company turned to our AI and digital strategy experts for help.

We conducted interviews with leaders across the organization in order to understand goals and challenges. We then developed a matrix of potential use cases, leveraging a complexity-value model, and scored each use case based on alignment with the needs and objectives we had uncovered, as well as the complexity of implementation. Using this information, we identified the best options for applying conversational AI as well as an executable plan to address each valuable use case. Finally, we created a business case for our recommended go-first option, including the cost of implementation and a timeline for reaching ROI.

Our in-depth analysis helped the client make an informed decision to implement Google Dialogflow, which will both improve and streamline the customer service experience while optimizing internal customer service resources.

What's next?

Creating a best-in-class web experience

Our client also wanted to enhance its online presence. The company had already been using Adobe Analytics to monitor traffic on its existing website, but wanted to replace its homegrown content management system (CMS) with a more robust, streamlined website built on Adobe Experience Manager and complemented by other products in the Adobe Experience Cloud. This new CMS would enable content authors to easily update the site while maintaining the continuity of its design and components.

We helped the client negotiate with Adobe, implement the new platform, and integrate it with several third-party platforms, as well as Adobe Target, which the client will use to provide personalized experiences to both authenticated and non-authenticated visitors.

Through our work on the client’s mobile experience, promotional podcast, communication tools, and website, we will continue to help this organization promote its many services, acquire and retain customers, and improve its overall digital experience.

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