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What If we could create a seamless cross-brand order experience for dealers?

CURT Group does the bulk of its business through dealer networks, but that dealer experience needed a serious overhaul. The company needed a new site that would provide its dealers with self-service tools and help them with their day-to-day business.

Meeting User Needs

Based on our research, we knew there were two main ways dealers used the site: they either had SKUs memorized and wanted a fast way to reorder, or they wanted to browse for parts by specific vehicle configurations.

We created a quick order function to satisfy users who wanted a fast way to reorder. Dealers can now input their SKUs and quantity and bypass any unneeded steps.

We also created a vehicle selector tool and put it front and center as the main path for users searching for a new part.


CURT has received positive feedback on its new website features, including the updated look, photography, videos, and rich media. Information is also easier to access, with installation guides and other product-specific information right at dealers’ fingertips.

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