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Taking a sports apparel retailer from game plan to victory.






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What If we could develop an end-to-end, customer-centered experience that facilitates both quick wins and long-term advantages for the brand?

The franchise hero, the new trade, and the Cinderella story turn out the most exciting and compelling storylines in sports. The shot, the fumble, and the drive punctuate those stories with the most exciting and memorable moments. These are the major league moments that get fans excited, and the ones that Lids needs to be ready for. And while it was providing a working omni-channel experience to its fans and customers, Lids had a much more ambitious vision in mind.

The road to glory

With an exciting customer-centered vision in place, we worked with Lids to break down that vision into an actionable, pragmatic three year roadmap. Our approach was to better leverage existing investments and technologies and carefully make strategic changes where there was a clear business case and measurable outcomes. Then, we continued to work with internal stakeholders and other partners to make sure the organization can sustain and adapt to the roadmap along the way.

The first step toward greatness

As a first step in the roadmap, we worked with Lids to improve the customer experience during the awareness and consideration portion of the buyer journey. This started with digital marketing. We became the new agency of record for Lids on all digital media in 2016. This happened only days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when Lids saw a significant portion of its annual sales.

Our team implemented all-new tagging and paid search/media setup within a matter of days, and worked around the clock to learn what we had inherited. We used Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics via the Adobe Marketing Cloud for better testing and data collection. This would help us make better-informed decisions for Lids moving forward.

Wins for the home team

We delivered on the initial holiday-time takeover with exceptional poise and unbelievable results, helping Lids achieve record revenue and transaction totals over this period. Year-over-year return on ad spend saw a significant increase while costs decreased. The following year, we focused on growing opportunity across fashion and supplier lines to compensate for certain league-imposed restrictions, Lids was up YoY after Cyber Monday.

Giving the fans exactly what they want

Another checkpoint along our roadmap was to provide Lids’ customers with an engaging, online experience that would allow them to customize a hat with their favorite team name, mascot, player’s signature, or other graphic embroidered on the side.

We used Adobe XD CC, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, to prototype and design the new Lids Custom Zone, creating a mobile-optimized interface that would fit well with the client's existing front-end and back-end processes.

Order management strength and conditioning

Aside from great merchandise, a great buying experience is a critical part of a great retail customer experience. Omni-channel is simply table stakes, and our technology approach for fulfillment and order management is providing Lids the fundamentals it needs to meet customers’ expectations. That includes real-time inventory and real-time orders and updates, whenever and wherever the customer needs it.

We are designing and implementing an order management system to modernize these critical elements of the retail infrastructure, scale it for growth, and give Lids the tools to meet its goal of letting customers engage with the brand however they want.


Lids' deep understanding of its customers and its commitment to continuously transforming itself to compete, win, and differentiate in an increasingly sophisticated omni-channel economy has not gone unnoticed in the retail industry. When Total Retail announced its 2018 ranking of the top 100 omni-channel experiences among publicly traded retailers, Lids had earned the #1 position.