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What If you could visualize a new floor without stepping into a showroom?

Interior designers are often forced to make flooring decisions based on small swatches and samples, which can make it difficult to imagine how an entire room will look as a complete installation. So we took those static images and created a tool to showcase product options at any stage in the project cycle.

Product visualizer

After extensive user research, we redesigned the Mohawk Group website as a comprehensive product visualization tool. Users are able to view all products and can choose from more than 15 different room scenes, five installation patterns, and two light settings to render a room that will showcase a complete installation.

Streamlining the brand

Additionally, Mohawk Group was struggling with brand recognition of its own sub-brand, Durkan, the custom carpet hospitality division of Mohawk Group. was functioning as its own website, disconnecting the two brands and increasing the cost of web maintenance and management. We integrated the Durkan brand into the Mohawk Group website, helping to streamline brand recognition while reducing the costs of managing two separate websites.


Mohawk Group now has one website that allows customers to visually customize complete flooring installments, helping to increase consumer confidence throughout the buying process. By refreshing the web environment to reflect a complete purchase experience, the Mohawk Group is able to leverage a higher-quality influence at each decision point.

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