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What If we could shorten the time from craving to carryout?

Since 1961 Papa Gino’s has been a New England original, making pizzas with traditional family recipes handed down for generations. But new technology has allowed national pizza chains to outpace their smaller rivals. We needed to help Papa Gino’s deliver fresh pizza into the hands of hungry New Englanders quickly, easily, and from any device.

Streamlined user experience

We built a new ordering system that allowed Papa Gino’s to manage a diverse array of menus, ingredients, payment processing and loyalty systems from one friendly CMS dashboard. Then we housed the whole customer experience in a responsive front-end framework that works on every device. By streamlining the information architecture, we were able to cut the number of clicks and page loads needed to order a pizza in half.

A feast for the senses

Most pizza chains show you a crude, cartoon version of what your pie will look like. We made it feel like you’re right there in the kitchen. You can keep it simple or pile on the toppings with animations in real time. We photographed everything uncooked so it looks as fresh as when they put the pie in the oven.


By streamlining the information architecture on the Papa Gino’s site, we cut the time, number of clicks and page loads needed to order a pizza in half. So getting to the good stuff got a whole lot faster.
50% Reduction in order time
50% Fewer page loads
50% Fewer clicks needed

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