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What If Plantronics’ digital experience cut through the noise, enabling customers to connect and communicate effortlessly, just as its products do?

Plantronics first made history in 1969, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, using a Plantronics headset to proclaim the famous line, “That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

The company has grown significantly since then, but its existing content management platform had been around for a decade and provided very little insight into site performance. From acquisition to conversion to retention, the platform lacked the ability to accurately measure the impact of digital experiences. It could also take Plantronics weeks, if not months, to translate, administer, and publish its content, making it difficult to compete.

New experiences imagined

We migrated Plantronics’ existing dot-com to Adobe Experience Cloud and helped to establish new measurement protocols. Together with Plantronics, new experiences were imagined and then implemented using Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe’s integrated digital asset management hub was used to house all high-resolution images.

We migrated content from the legacy product information management system to Adobe Commerce Integration Framework, where authors and product managers can manage product specification content and product romance copy in one place.

Insights into performance

Plantronics had previously measured basic web analytics such as page load time, and captured individual data points. But they were unable to capture and measure user behavior as part of the buyer’s journey. By integrating Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, Plantronics is now able to capture data across the entire journey and analyze it through reporting dashboards.


Today, Plantronics has a fully integrated commerce experience. All international sites are centrally managed and translated in Experience Manager, enabling Plantronics to go to market quickly in various geographies and languages, with a marketing strategy that is aimed at personalized experiences.

With all data from the experience captured and analyzed, Plantronics not only has better metrics, but true insights into performance. With improved analytics, Plantronics is able to use customer intelligence to guide decision making.

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