Strategy & Innovation

Lead with strategy. Win with execution.

Pragmatic Visionaries

We understand the challenges you face in driving a new digital agenda. In much of our work, we serve large- and medium-sized companies with established brands and complex operations. Our strategy teams help marketing and technology leaders work together to transform their organizations and deliver differentiated experiences through a skillful orchestration of teams, processes, systems, data and platforms.

Inspired by Insight

We rely on a design thinking-based approach to uncover latent customer needs and create empathy — empathy that allows our teams to quickly ideate, test, and refine human-centered solutions. We use ethnographic methods borrowed from the social sciences to understand users’ behaviors, needs, and goals. Such insight enables us to ideate with confidence and helps you grow and maintain differentiated, yet balanced, innovation portfolios.

Enabled by Expertise

We practice what we preach, building lean and agile strategy engagement teams, made up of experts from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Once underway, we merge customer experience strategy, management consulting, technology, and architecture with deep expertise in sectors like healthcare, financial services, and retail to produce robust, market-ready solutions.

Grounded in Implementation Know-How

Our digital strategy work produces results — quickly and efficiently — because it reflects our end-to-end orientation and a bias toward value, speed, and the pragmatic use of technology. We apply our deep understanding of technical integration and partnerships with leading technology vendors to shape strategy, and to enable seamless, rapid transition from ideas to implementation.